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Welcome to our website! We are here to provide you with the most useful information about slot machines and some other games. You can be sure that here you’ll find everything you need to achieve success in gambling. Do not hesitate, start to learn now and grab your winning tomorrow!

Casino Bonus

Why not to get some of the best casino bonuses just making your bets? Do you think it is impossible or the bonuses are lousy? Well, there are different casinos and each casino bonus is different, as well as the requirements of claiming bonus are also different. But it is so easy to claim them, that it will be the worst decision ever not to do that! Claiming for casino bonus you open a new way for gambling!

Casinos Banking

So, there are so many types of the casinos banking that is can be difficult to choose only one. Everything is done in the easiest possible way for you to pay the casinos. Money transactions in inseparable part of casino gambling, as for making bets you should have some money and of course, you have to get money for your winning! We will provide you with information on the most popular ways of casino banking and you will be able to choose the one, which you will like most of all or the one, which you’ve got used to use. Do not forget that not all casino support the same banking systems!


The Privacy Policy monitors the manner in which {=$SITE.NAME} utilizes your personal information collected by it whenever you try to access the Site or use the Site services. The Policy also covers the Site treatment of your information that the Site business partners part with Sify.com.

The Policy is not applicable to the practices of those people or companies which are not employed, managed, owned or controlled by the Site.


The Site collects your information from the contents submitted by you through the sign-up form. The details asked for by us may include your name, gender, birth date, postal address, pin code, e mail id, occupation, personal interests, industry, etc.


Your information is used by the {=$SITE.NAME} normally for two purposes - to standardize the advertisements and contents you see and secondly for contacting you about the specials and latest products. The Site will not rent or sell your personal information to any third party.

Your personal information can be disclosed to the third parties when -

  • You permit us to share your personal information;
  • The sharing of your information is necessitated on your request for some of the {=$SITE.NAME} products or services and you have consented for such sharing.
  • While cooperating with the investigations to check the purported unlawful activities.
  • Such action in good faith becomes inevitable for the protection of rights and the related property of the Site and its visitors.
  • The Site takes sufficient precautions to secure your personal information revealed to us.

The {=$SITE.NAME} being a free website & a major portion of our revenues being derived from advertising, the {=$SITE.NAME} keeps amending its privacy policy according to the demand of time. The paid services provided by us are most likely to change with time. At present we deal in online shopping, astrology, vacations, site personalization, classifieds, high end mail services and mobile internet services. We gather varied personal demographic statistics to provide good results to our advertisers in order to make them realize the value of our {=$SITE.NAME} members in the capacity of aggregate advertising audience and keep them attached with us for a longer period and also to attract more and more new advertisers.


We realise that our very existence is because of the number one asset of ours' which is none other than our respected 'members'. We shall never do anything knowingly to harm your trust and faith in us. As soon as you subscribe for the membership of Sify.com or our newsletters, you have to answer some questions demographic in nature. Then we compile this information with the information provided to us by other members. This compiled result is finally made available to our valued partners and advertisers.

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